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THANK YOU for helping to Escape the Darkness...
   and shine a light for a brighter tomorrow!

Gratitude. Grateful. Thankful.

We appreciate Think Tank Escape Rooms and all who attended the event this year in honor of Logan's love of escape rooms. Thank you for the donations, and the donations generously matched by





This event, held around Logan's birthday in November, is intended to bring mental health and suicide awareness "out of the darkness" and support FailSafe for Life. The mission of FailSafe for Lilfe is to end suicide in our area through connection, education, and hope.

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For sharing, learning, connecting.

Ideas and resources worth sharing

 We are grateful to FailSafe for the work they are doing in our community.Their vision: FailSafe for Life knows that strength not only lies in our words, but in our actions as well. We have set out on a mission to end suicide in Spokane and will not quit until our job is complete. Founded in 2016, FailSafe for Life inspires action through education, instilling hope, and connecting communities. We’re driven by a firm belief in the power of understanding, and the knowledge that the pain that surrounds suicide can be treated.

The Kellen CARES Foundation
Helping young men and their families navigate mental health issues

Mission: To help young men survive the mental health crisis currently in our community. We strive to involve our community to educate, advocate, and eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness, while funding research and programs that provide boys and young men with the tools and resources that support their mental health and wellness.

988 has been designated as the new three-digit dialing code that will route callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (now known as the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline), and is now active across the United States.​When people call, text, or chat 988, they will be connected to trained counselors that are part of the existing Lifeline network. These trained counselors will listen, understand how their problems are affecting them, provide support, and connect them to resources if necessary.The previous Lifeline phone number (1-800-273-8255) will always remain available to people in emotional distress or suicidal crisis.

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